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On an annual basis, we compile and publish data through the Barriers to Prosperity Data Sheet, which highlights rates of poverty, food security, educational attainment, employment, and health insurance coverage for all 67 Alabama counties. We draw from sources including the U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Alabama Commission on Higher Education, and Alabama Department of Human Resources to generate a comprehensive resource. In addition to our data sheet, we offer an interactive online resource that allows you to examine or compare data by county. These resources are complemented by two discussion guides, one for secondary and postsecondary education settings and another for any community setting. We host webinars each year introducing the most current data and highlighting some key findings. In addition, we have a Breaking Barriers to Prosperity Toolkit that consists of three community-engaging components. Using the toolkit, communities give context to the numbers provided in the Data Sheet by offering insight into the challenges they face before working together to take action at the local level.

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