FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, June 26, 2023

CONTACT: Chandra Scott | cscott@alabamapossible.org

Alabama Possible and ECMC Foundation to Foster Increased Postsecondary Success Through HBCC/PBCC Network

$500,000 grant will support efforts to remove barriers to persistence and transitions

Birmingham, AL (June 26, 2023) – Alabama Possible is pleased to announce a generous grant of $500,000 from the ECMC Foundation that will support improved postsecondary success at Alabama’s eight Historically Black Community Colleges (HBCCs) and Predominately Black Community Colleges (PBCCs) through the HBCC/PBCC Network. Titled “Fostering Collective Commitment to Increasing Postsecondary Success at Historically Black Community Colleges and Predominately Black Community Colleges,” the grant will provide crucial funding over three years for the network’s efforts in removing barriers to prosperity by enhancing postsecondary transition and persistence.

The grant will enable the HBCC/PBCC Network to implement evidence-based strategies and interventions aimed at increasing postsecondary transition and persistence rates among students at the participating HBCCs and PBCCs. By addressing barriers to success such as financial constraints, academic preparedness, and limited access to support services, the network aims to empower students and provide them with the tools necessary to thrive in their educational journey. Grant-funded initiatives include the development and implementation of student support programs, the provision of targeted resources and services, and the enhancement of data-driven decision-making practices.

“We are incredibly grateful to ECMC Foundation for its generous support of the HBCC/PBCC Network,” said Chandra Scott, executive director of Alabama Possible. “This grant will allow us to amplify our collective commitment in enhancing postsecondary success and removing barriers to prosperity for historically marginalized students at Alabama’s HBCCs and PBCCs. With ECMC Foundation’s support, we will build a more equitable landscape that uplifts and empowers all students.”

“ECMC Foundation is dedicated to advancing more equitable outcomes in higher education—and the HBCC/PBCC Network exemplifies the kind of collective commitments that make an outsized impact for historically underrepresented and marginalized students,” said Jacob Fraire, president of ECMC Foundation. “Our work together ensures broader access to postsecondary opportunities for Alabama’s Black students, and we are proud to be part of uplifting their stories and creating sustainable infrastructures that enable their success.”

Sixty-two percent of the students enrolled in Alabama’s HBCCs/PBCCs are students of color with over 73% of them qualifying for financial aid. With nearly three-fourths of the students requiring financial aid, access to and through a postsecondary journey can lead to upward economic mobility and end generational poverty across Alabama. By fostering collective commitment and addressing the unique challenges faced by HBCCs and PBCCs, the grant will contribute to changing the narrative for Alabama’s HBCCs/PBCCs.

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About HBCC/PBCC Network:

The HBCC/PBCC Network is a collaborative effort facilitated by Alabama Possible, aimed at improving postsecondary success and increasing equitable outcomes for students at Historically Black Community Colleges (HBCCs) and Predominately Black Community Colleges (PBCCs). The Network brings together institutions, experts, and stakeholders to share best practices, develop strategies, and implement initiatives that support student success. Alabama’s eight HBCCs/PBCCs are Bishop State Community College, Chattahoochee Valley Community College, Drake State Community and Technical College, Gadsden State Community College, Lawson State Community College, Shelton State Community College, Trenholm State Community College, and Wallace Community College Selma.

About Alabama Possible

Alabama Possible is a statewide nonprofit organization that breaks down barriers to prosperity through advocacy, education, and collaboration. We influence public policy to ensure every learner in our state can pursue a technical or academic credential after high school. Our programs connect Alabama’s educational leaders, students, and families with the resources necessary to cultivate a college-going culture and equitable educational attainment. For more information, visit www.alabamapossible.org

About ECMC Foundation

ECMC Foundation is a Los Angeles-based, nationally focused foundation whose mission is to improve higher education for career success among underserved populations through evidence-based innovation. It is one of several affiliates under the ECMC Group enterprise based in Minneapolis. ECMC Foundation makes investments to remove barriers to postsecondary completion; build the capacity of institutions, systems and organizations; and transform the postsecondary ecosystem using a spectrum of funding structures, including strategic grantmaking and program-related investments, to support both nonprofit and for-profit ventures. Working with grantees, partners and peers, ECMC Foundation’s vision is for all learners to unlock their fullest potential. Learn more about ECMC Foundation by visiting www.ecmcfoundation.org and ECMC Group by visiting www.ecmcgroup.org.