Education is the road to a better life, but that road is often filled with obstacles. For nearly 30 years, Alabama Possible has transformed how people think and talk about economic opportunity and educational attainment in Alabama and beyond. Join us as we continue to have transformative conversations with various Alabamians about the barriers to prosperity and how we can break them down. 

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Episode 3: Break It Down with Messiah Williams-Cole

Last year, Messiah Williams-Cole was selected to be an Alabama Possible Student Advocacy Fellow. Shortly after, he was elected the youngest mayor of Camp Hill, Alabama. In this episode, we discuss his classroom to community journey.

Episode 2: Break It Down with Valencia Belle

 At the age of 12, as an entering high school freshmanValencia Belle began her first fee-for-service tutorial business assisting fellow students with ACT Prep in Science and Math. Fast forward to 2015, she launched the S.C.H.O.O.L.S Program (Success Can Happen Out Of Low Scores), an Academic Enrichment and Supplemental Education Services Company, which offers ACT Prep, STEM tutoring and “wrap-around” educational coaching services to advance graduation rates and college entrance. As a result, multiple parents and students have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in college costs. 

Episode 1: Break It Down with Wayne Flynt

This year, Alabama Possible celebrates its 28th anniversary. Listen to one of the founders, Wayne Flynt as he shares the evolution of the Alabama Poverty Project to Alabama Possible.