With top colleges such as Auburn University, the University of Alabama, and the largest number of Historically Black Colleges and Universities(HBCUs) at students’ fingertips, you don’t see many Alabama students attending out-of-state institutions. The Education Data Initiative reports that only 14.2% of residents leave Alabama to pursue postsecondary pathways. 

Students who decide to venture outside of Alabama should consider various factors in their decision-making process such as out-of-state tuition, distance from home, and travel expenses.  

On November 30, we featured various out-of-state admissions counselors in our Admissions 101 webinar and asked them questions about their respective institutions. Learn more about each institution in the YouTube video below! 


You can check out more details about institutions that were highlighted in our Out-of-State Admissions Webinar along with a few other schools!

Pomona College
Location: Claremont, California
Type: Private Liberal Arts
Acceptance Rate: 9%
Undergraduate Enrollment: 1,610 (2018–19)
Student-Faculty Ratio: 8:1


Texas A&M University
Location: College Station, Texas
Type: Public Land-Grant Research
Acceptance Rate: 63%
Undergraduate Enrollment: 53,119 (2018–19)
Student-Faculty Ratio: 19:1


University of Rochester
Location: Monroe County, New York
Type: Private Research
Acceptance Rate: 35%
Undergraduate Enrollment: 6,521 (2018–19)
Student-Faculty Ratio: 10:1


University of Toledo
Location: Toledo, Ohio
Type: Public Research 
Acceptance Rate: 95%
Undergraduate Enrollment: 14,396 (2018–19)
Student-Faculty Ratio: 21:1


Kentucky State University (not featured in webinar)
Location: Frankfort, Kentucky
Type: Public HBCU
Acceptance Rate: 84%
Undergraduate Enrollment: 1,419 (2018–19)
Student-Faculty Ratio: 14:1

Learn more about Kentucky State below:


The University of Washington (not featured in webinar)
Location: 30,839 (2018–19)
Type: Public Research University
Acceptance Rate: 56%
Undergraduate Enrollment: 30,839 (2018–19)
Student-Faculty Ratio: 20:1

The University of Washington is a public institution located in Seattle, WA. With 180 majors, you can find the focus that’s right for you. The UW is here to help you discover where you want to go. Our students are dreamers and doers, and together we aim to be the greatest public university in the world — as measured by our impact.