Phil Campbell students spend the day touring Northwest-Shoals Community College.

Phil Campbell students spend the day touring Northwest-Shoals Community College.

Junior students from Phil Campbell High School took a trip on March 22 to the Northwest-Shoals Community College (NW-SCC) Phil Campbell campus. This trip signified the culmination of the students’ participation in the Blueprints program. During the campus visit, students explored different academic programs offered by NW-SCC and took time to reflect on their overall experience in the Blueprints program this past year.

The day began with the students breaking off into groups based on their academic interests. Areas of study at NW-SCC include both academic and technical programs like welding, nursing, computer science, history, English, and many more. The students had the chance to sit in on real classes and get a feel of what college would be like at NW-SCC.

“The tour of campus was very enlightening. I learned so much. I loved learning about the nursing and music programs they offer. Today I learned more about what nurses do that I had no idea they did. The experience was fun and the people are so welcoming and nice,” said Blueprints student, Brianna Jones.

After lunch, the students regrouped for the final two sessions. In the first session, they learned about applying to attend NW-SCC, registering for classes, submitting their FAFSA, and everything they would need to know about entering college at NW-SCC should they choose to do so.

The second session of the afternoon introduced the students to representatives from different campus organizations and all the ways they could become involved on campus.

“I have to say I am thinking about applying to Northwest,” says Blueprints student Michelle Beam. “It is a great place, and I can see that I will never feel left out. The students and teachers I have met have been great.”

The final part of the day found the students enjoying some down time with their mentors from the Blueprints program and celebrating the past year’s accomplishments. Some of the students enjoyed a game of corn hole or ping-pong with their mentors while building the relationships established during sessions.

“Blueprints has helped to open up my eyes to the ample opportunities that college has to offer,” claims Abby Marshall. “The people of Blueprints are extremely nice and caring. I know that they care about my future as a student.”