December 26th, 2012

During 2012, faith communities, local businesses, and individuals like you contributed $16,786 to the Alabama Poverty Project.

Montevallo High School 9th graders visited the University of Montevallo.

. Thank you!

We are immensely grateful to partners like you.  You inspire us and constantly remind us that, together, we have the power to end poverty and hunger in Alabama.

We hope that you had a chance to join us at one of our programs this year.  The highlights included:

• The Blueprints College Access Initiative, which worked with more than 500 students at eight high schools across Alabama. Through a combination of early awareness and college coaching, Blueprints increases college access by supporting families in college and career planning, financial aid literacy, and ACT preparation.  Thank you for helping students pursue their college dreams.

• Bringing together leaders from the social justice and business communities for a conversation with APP Founder Wayne Flynt and retired Energen CEO Mike Warren on the issue of poverty and the potential for the business community to facilitate social change. Thank you for helping us bring together unusual partners to achieve Alabama’s potential.

• July’s Summer Workshop and September’s Lifetime of Learning Conference, which brought together students, educators, and community partners to learn about ending poverty and working in diverse communities. At both events, we learned that listening to each other is what makes magic happen. Thank you for giving us the chance to listen.

We have just five more days to raise $11,714.  Please ensure that we have the resources to continue our work together by making a contribution today.


Thank you,


Kristina Scott

Executive Director