December 26th, 2015

Dear Friends:

Your gifts brightened our year. People like you invested $15,216 in Alabama Possible. We are 76 percent of the way to our goal of $20,000. Thank you!

Some of the impacts of your investment include:

• Teaming more than 1,134 high school students with 225 college student near-peer mentors through theBlueprints College Access Initiative. 90 percent of our 416-member Blueprints Class of 2015 were accepted to college, and they earned $8.7 million in supplementary scholarships. Thank you for making these students’ college dreams become a reality.

• Boosting FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) completion across the state by collaborating with high schools, higher education institutions, and community organizations through Cash for College. Thank you for making college more affordable for students across Alabama.

Giving more than 1,200 Alabamians a chance to understand the realities of poverty through theCommunity Action Poverty Simulation, which gives participants a window into the emotional toll and frustration that individuals living in poverty face. Thank you for teaching us that poverty isn’t a game.

Publishing the annual Poverty Data Sheet, which highlights statewide poverty rates and data related to educational attainment, employment, and food security. Policymakers regularly tell us they use the data sheet. Thank you for supporting fact-based policy making.
We are immensely grateful to partners like you for investing in our work to break down barriers to prosperity. Together, we can ensure that all Alabamians have the opportunity to lead prosperous lives.

We have just five more days to raise $4,784. Please ensure that we have the resources to continue our work together by making a contribution today.

Thank you,

Kristina Scott
Executive Director
Alabama Possible

Above: May’s College Signing Day celebration at Montevallo High School recognized all seniors’ academic accomplishments.