November 26th, 2015

Thanksgiving seems like a natural time to reflect on the golden rule: to love thy neighbor as thyself.

I grew up in Pittsburgh during the 70s, and Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood was my favorite show. Fred Rogers lived in Pittsburgh too, and it felt like I was visiting with a kind neighbor every afternoon.

In his simple and elegant way, Mister Rogers helped me understand what it means to truly love thy neighbor as thyself.

First, he made sure I knew that I am special. Second, he taught me that my neighbor is anyone I am with. Third, I learned that it is reciprocal. If I am special, then the people I happen to be with at any moment – my neighbors – must be special too.

Later today, as we sit around the table with our friends and family and give thanks, I will be thinking about how lucky I am to work with so many special people across the state of Alabama as we work together to break down the barriers to prosperity.

Thank you for being my neighbor.

Happy Thanksgiving,