June 2nd, 2015

1. She’s from Birmingham, AL

I spent my whole life right here in the Magic City. I graduated from Mountain Brook High School in 2014. I can frequently be found at Barons games or on any of the great, local walking or hiking trails around town.

2. She goes to school in Maine

I am rising sophomore at Bowdoin College all the way in Brunswick, Maine which is about 30 minutes North of Portland, Maine. I intend to be an English and Spanish double major and I may also get a minor in education.

3. She’s all about non-profit work

I hope to go into non-profit work after I graduate from college. Growing up in Birmingham and seeing the disparity in education and economic distribution, I have become increasingly interested in working in a field that allows me to combat such inequality.

4. She loves movies

I am constantly watching movies of just about every genre including foreign films and documentaries. I watch just about everything that makes it to a theater or Netflix. My current favorite is this Australian horror film called The Babadook.

5. The only thing she loves more than movies is coffee

My favorite thing about Birmingham is all of the fantastic local coffee shops and I frequent just about all of them. My favorites are Urban Standard and The Abbey. When I can’t make it to a coffee shop, I readily make my own (usually with beans from O’Henry’s). It’s usually quite rare to find me without a cup of coffee.

6. She’s excited to work with us all summer

I found Alabama Possible through all of the work Blueprints does with education in the state. I am very interested in promoting accessibility in the field of education and I really wanted to get involved in the work that Alabama Possible has been doing particularly in that field.

7. She has high hopes for the state of Alabama

I think that a majority of the issues Alabama currently faces are centered on its problems with poverty and education, two issues that are very closely linked. I hope that through the work of organizations like Alabama Possible, the state of the population’s economic and educational state can be radically improved.

8. She’s a self-proclaimed nerd

I have always been a bit of a nerd. I love school, all parts of it, including tests and homework and studying and class. Mainly, I love reading and writing. I think I can credit a great deal of that love to the teachers I have been fortunate enough to have in my career as a student.

9. She wants to make a real difference in her work at Alabama Possible

I hope to do a great deal with my time at Alabama Possible. I have found their work on raising awareness and working with community member to reduce poverty inspiring, and I am so excited to be a part of that work.

10. She’s read The Great Gatsby 15 times

Like I mentioned, I have always been a nerd when it comes to reading and writing. I love Gatsby, not only the story, but I think the writing is incredible. So I have ended up reading it over and over.