April 4th, 2014

We encourage our Birmingham-area faith partners to join Independent Presbyterian Church (IPC) in their upcoming series Thy Kingdom Come: A Faithful Response to Poverty. Starting off the series on Sunday, April 27th, Alabama Possible co-founder Dr. Wayne Flynt will be speaking on the theology of poverty.

ipc poverty flyer

Poverty deprives God’s children of fullness of life.  What are we called to do about it?  According IPC’s WINDOW Newsletter  this series will engage in a multi-week exploration and conversation about what constitutes “A Faithful Response to Poverty” through sermons, presentations from nationally recognized authors and agency representatives, and a broad based panel discussion.

Many may remember the engaging and enlightening keynote on faith, poverty, and justice Dr. Flynt gave at Alabama Possible’s Faith Summit in 2010.

As a primer for this upcoming multi-week discussion on faith and poverty: