March 27th, 2014

This afternoon David Mathews Center for Civic Life Executive Director Chris McCauley and I  did a pre-conference workshop at the Gulf-South Summit on Service Learning and Community Engagement at our Cornerstone Member Auburn University.

Our workshop, “Are We Walking on the Same Path?“, focused on engaged learning from the community partner perspective and equipped participants to design experiences which align community partner outcomes with student learning objectives.

I promised the group I would share some key resources with them, and what better way to do that then via this blog!


Mills, S. D. (December 07, 2012). The Four Furies: Primary Tensions between Service-Learners and Host AgenciesMichigan Journal of Community Service Learning, 19, 1, 33-43.

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Community Partner Training Materials

Community Partner Resource Guide To Service Learning, California State University, Channel Islands

Community Partner Guide to Service- Learning, The University of Tennessee


Nonprofit Sector Resources

The Nonprofit Sector in Brief: Public Charities, Giving, and Volunteering (2013) Urban Institute

Transactions – Transformations – Translations: Metrics That Matter for Building, Scaling, and Funding Social Movements (2011) University of Southern California Program for Environmental and Regional Equity


Diversity Education Resources

Privilege Walk Exercise, University of Arizona

note: there are many examples of privilege walk exercises available via a Google search

Community Action Poverty Simulation, Missouri Association for Community Action

MACA may be able to connect you with an organization in your area that owns a poverty simulation kit

Test Your Knowledge of the Hidden Rules of Class, Ruby Payne

Modern Money Monopoly, University of Missouri Kansas City

BaFa’ BaFa’, Simulation Training Systems

Animating Democracy, Americans for the Arts