June 11th, 2010

Our work to mobilize Alabamians to eradicate poverty is taking on new meaning as we join with the newAlabama State Commission to Reduce Poverty to build a nonpartisan coalition to address the widespread, systemic poverty in our state.  We are doing this work because, like you, we believe that every Alabamian has a right to food on the table, a roof over their head and the chance to create a brighter future for their family.

Thanks to your volunteer, philanthropic and advocacy efforts in your communities, together we have made great strides towards this goal. And now we need a different kind of support.

The Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham, which has provided strong support for APP over the years, has put a $14,000 challenge grant on the table. In order for APP to receive this critical support, we need to raise an additional $14,000. Your financial support will allow us to continue to press for a better, more prosperous Alabama.

With your help we can:

  • Get input from people who live in poverty about the impact it has on their lives.
  • Document for decision makers and the media the impact that funding cuts and policy changes will have on vulnerable people.
  • Equip Alabamians with information, data, and messages via action alerts and other e-communications.
  • Train leaders and community members about how they can eradicate poverty in their communities

Any amount you give – $5, $30, $100 – will be doubled, thanks to the challenge grant from our friends at the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham.

Thank you for your support.  Together, we have the power to eradicate systemic poverty in Alabama.