October 9th, 2009

Alabama’s widespread multi-generational poverty is rooted in our state’s 1901 constitution, which does not guarantee children the right to a public education, codifies an upside-down tax system that does not give the state the resources it needs to move the state forward, and centers power in Montgomery rather than in our local communities.

Our partner Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform is launching the Bring It Back Home campaign to educate Alabamians about the need for a new constitution and what they can do to make that happen.

ACCR will be holding four free workshops in Florence, Mobile, Birmingham and Dothan.  These workshops will help build grassroots support and relationships to bring Alabama closer to constitutional reform and  will be facilitated by Bob Jones, ACCR Foundation Bring It Back Home Chair.

The workshops will be a combination of speakers, panel discussions and interactive exercises and will:

  • Explain Alabama’s turbulent history of six state constitutions;
  • Highlight the 1901 Constitution’s Articles, Amendments, and State Code – and show how they are connected;
  • Engage with elected officials to learn how Alabama’s executive and legislative branches work;
  • Promote an understanding of how local decisionmaking and governance is impacted by the 1901 Constitution.

Participants will be given the opportunity to become County Coordinators who will lead a Citizens Action Team and organize training, education and legislative activities during the year.

For information regarding the Bring It Back Home workshop schedule, visitwww.constitutionalreform.org.