Student Lookup Portal for FAFSA Completion

Thanks to the Alabama Commission on Higher Education (ACHE),  schools across Alabama can gain access to student by student FAFSA completion data as part of their FAFSA Completion Project. This data is essential to helping counselors increase completion and ensure students fully submitted their FAFSA and are not missing key information.

How to Access the Portal 

Public Schools that provide student enrollment data to the Alabama State Department of Education:

In order for a public school to access their students’ data, their district must complete and sign an agreement and send it to Ron.Leonard@ache.edu 

Once activated in the portal, all users submitted with the agreement will receive an email with log-in instructions.

Private, Parochial, Charter, and Statewide Schools 

Schools that do not provide student enrollment data to the State Department Alabama must submit their student data to the ACHE in order to match FAFSA completion data by student record.  

Step 1: Sign and Submit the Confidentiality and Use Agreement

You can access the agreement at http://fafsa.ache.edu/Resources/Agreement.pdf. Send signed agreements to Ron.Leonard@ache.alabama.gov 

Step 2: Compile Student Data

Schools should add the following information to an excel doc for their 12th grade students: 

  1. First Name 
  2. Middle Initial 
  3. Last Name 
  4. Social Security Number 
  5. Date of Birth 

Step 3:

Call Nikesha Ross of the Alabama Commission on Higher Education at 334-353-1159 to review file formatting and encryption instructions.