Alabama Possible removes barriers to prosperity through research, engaged learning, poverty simulations, and promoting college access and success. We build capacity and nurture reciprocal community partnerships to ensure that our research-driven work is effective and sustainable. We support and create educational equity through the following program areas:

Blueprints College Access Initiative
We team students with near-peer mentors who equip them to make structured decisions about their postsecondary options and support them as they navigate the college admissions process. Learn more.
Cash for College
We work to increase the number of students completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Learn more.
Engaged Learning
We promote engaged learning that combines classroom instruction with thoughtful community and civic engagement. We promote relationship-building between our higher education partners through statewide events such as our annual Lifetime of Learning conference. Learn more.
Poverty Data Sheet

We compile and summarize our research on an annual basis through the Poverty Data Sheet, a comprehensive graphic resource that highlights statewide poverty rates and data related to educational attainment, employment, and food security. Learn more.

Poverty Simulations
We coordinate and facilitate Poverty Simulations which are unique, interactive experiences that help facilitate an understanding of the challenges faced by individuals and families who are living at or below the poverty level. Learn more.