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  1. Susan says:

    if you know of person or community that needs help and is not getting it, Toomers for Tuscaloosa is helping all across the south, even in Memphis from the flood. Go to their Facebook page. They are working miracles over there. On another note, the woman in this video has been denied FEMA help. She needs everyone’s help:https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=1USONS_p6jA

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  3. Nikki Deas says:

    I wanted to share with you that East Coast Public Adjusters is offering its professional claims services at no charge to Churches, Synagogues, and all other Community Centers damaged by the recent storms in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Georgia..thought you might want to share with your readers.

    Below is a full press release – please let me know if you have any questions or need additional information – happy to help.

    Best, Nikki

    Miami, Florida – May 3, 2011 – Coral Gables-based, East Coast Public Adjusters, announced today that they will be doing their part to help victims of the recent deadly tornado activity that wreaked havoc on the southern United States. ECPA is offering its professional claims services at NO CHARGE to Churches, Synagogues, and all other Community Centers damaged by the recent storms in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Georgia.
    “Being based in a well-known hub for hurricanes and other potentially fatal storm activity, we sympathize and relate to what the tornado victims are going through,” said Daniel Odess, President of East Coast Public Adjusters, Inc. “A renewed sense of community is the best thing that can come out of this tragedy and East Coast is happy to waive our fees and help people receive all that they’re entitled to.”
    If you or someone you know are interested in ECPA’s services or just has a question for an experienced Claims Adjusters, simply send contact ECPA toll free at 800-264-6541 or email at info@ecpaclaims.com.

    About East Coast Public Adjusters
    East Coast Public Adjusters is one of the oldest public adjusting firms in the country, providing services to individuals and corporate clients both domestically and internationally. Founded in 1988, ECPA has serviced more than seventeen thousand clients that have resulted in over $750,000,000 in claims.

    The ECPA staff is comprised of highly trained professionals, licensed domestically and internationally throughout the United States, with over 100 years of claims representation experience. Using a structured method to process claims and state-of the-art adjusting software, ECPA is able to analyze and adjust losses fairly and efficiently ensuring the maximum benefit to their clients. For more information please visit: http://www.ecpaclaims.com or call our 24 hours Claims Department 800-264-6541 for immediate response and help with your claim.

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  7. LYNDA BOGGS says:


  8. Robyn Hyden says:

    Hi Lynda, Please visit http://toomersfortuscaloosa.com/out-of-state-donations/ to view drop-off locations in Texas. Looks like there are no locations in North Texas at this time, but perhaps you could coordinate something to connect with people from other cities or states and get the supplies where they need to go. Hope that helps!

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  10. Howie says:

    I’d like to donate some clothing.
    Is there any place in central IL collecting items?
    If not, would it be possible to ship them down?

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  15. Geisha says:

    I was wondering if there were any places set up around Savannah/ South East, GA for donations of clothing. I have women’s, men’s, boy’s and young girl clothing ranging from 18 mths and up that have hardly been touched and are in great condition. If there is somewhere I can go to donate them to recent tornado survivors please e-mail me!
    Thank you

  16. brenda Hood says:

    I have 20-30 like new business suits and clothes. sizes 12P, 14P and 16 P.
    I have good dress pumps size 7. I work in a bank and have several nice suits, blouses, slacks to donate. How do I get these items to Alabama.

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  21. Russ says:

    Sounds a bit funny but what areas need volunteers for removal?

    I can not tell from the listings above on who needs what help where? What smaller populated areas hard hit have not gotten a lot of help?

    I’m a teacher with time this summer to donate.

  22. Robyn Hyden says:

    Hi Russ, There are so many worthy places you could go to work. If you’re really not sure where to go I would suggest calling the local United Way office (2-1-1 locally) to see who still needs debris removal help. If you are looking to re-locate and work somewhere long term, I would try contacting a mission or rebuilding organization to see where they need help. If you are already in AL and looking for a place that’s within driving distance, I would call to the local volunteer headquarters. Hope that helps!

  23. Harriette Glover says:

    We are North Alabama Disaster Relief of Ardmore (NADRA) affiliates of Our
    States United and stormHOPE (we are ourstatesunited.org ‘s Ardmore, AL
    division). We are located at 8710 AL HWY 53, Toney, AL 35773, just 5
    miles north of the devastated Harvest/Toney area from the April 27th
    Tornadoes. Our facebook page is


    We have been providing relief supplies on behalf of our community to
    approximately 15 communities on Sand Mountain, plus Flat Rock,
    Hackleburg, Hamilton, Phil Campbell, Arab, Ruth, Moulton, Toney,
    Harvest, Capshaw, East Limestone, Ider, Anniston, Tuscaloosa,
    Northport, and even Joplin, MO; currently we also have teamed up to be
    available for OK and MA, also. We were among the first responders to the
    cry for help from Flat Rock, AL, five days after their community had
    been leveled, leaving them without their nearest gas station, which
    was still nine miles away, and no phone service or electricity to call
    for help.
    We are a disaster relief distribution center, we accept any donated items except clothing (list is in our notes section, with special immediate needs listed in posts). We assess areas of need, verify exactly what they need, deliver immediately via borrowed moving vans and trailers what we have on hand, then ask our
    families, friends, churches, and community to donate the needed supplies that
    we deliver directly into the hands that need them. To date, we have
    emptied our building at least 25 times and it always comes back more
    than we took out…
    “We” are two Neonatal ICU nurses from Huntsville Hospital for Women
    and Children, Tiffany Watkins, RN, Harriette Glover, RN, and my long
    time friend, Melody Herron, a dental hygienist, that get this job
    accomplished with help from our church and co-worker volunteers, along
    with Warren Tidwell, of Our States United and Bob Graham of stormHope. We have officially nominated Kelli Bailey Fitzgerald (lifelong friend and best friends of Jade, a co-worker of mine and Tiffany’s) who is also a Huntsville Hospital employee one of our group, also. It appears our parents and Huntsville Hospital must have attempted to instill above and beyond principles in our lives since we all have awesome parents and work for the best hospital in the South East. Melody will soon be employed with us if our plans work out! There are way too many volunteers to name here, but each of them gets a special shout out, bless their precious giving souls! We are in disaster relief
    for the long haul, there are still too many folks in need, and more
    with every disaster that seems to plague our nation lately. Any help you can send our way with donated
    supplies, we will network and determine exactly what family, from
    which community across Alabama (or beyond) that needs them. We accept truckloads of supplies, but do not take truckloads of general supplies to communities, first we verify what they need and fill
    that need. We follow through with every promised delivery, period.
    We would love to help our neighbors even more via networking with you
    as well, so please help spread the word!
    Thanks and God Bless!
    Harriette, Tiffany, Melody, and Kelli

  24. Valda Gipson says:

    I have lots of really nice clothes, sizes 14, 16, L and XL women clothes. Is there any place in Memphis, TN where donations can be given.

  25. Robyn Hyden says:

    Hi Valda, if you look here – http://toomersfortuscaloosa.com/out-of-state-donations/ you will see that there is a local effort in Memphis that may be able to direct your donation: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Memphis-area-Tuscaloosa-Tornado-Relief-Effort/208516989170898 Hope that helps!

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  27. BC DeIuliis says:

    WAs wondering how my family and I could still help? We would love to come down from Charlotte, NC and help for a couple of days if there is still a need. Not sure who to contact. If you could direct me in the right direction I would so appreciate it.

  28. You can call Hands On at (205) 251-5849 or visit their web site http://www.handsonbirmingham.org. If you are a member of a house of worship, your denomination may also have volunteer opportunities.

  29. Ranee says:

    If you would like to donate time in Dekalb county, AL in NE bama, please contact Greg London with Rebuild Foundation, Alabama Chapter. 770-402-3419. He has been on the ground since day 2. After Katrina, he went to Lakseshore, MS and helped rebuild 35 homes that had been destroyed.

  30. Richard says:

    Does anyone know how I can get a job with one of the contractors in Tuscaloosa that is assisting in the clean up process? Please respond. Thanks.

  31. I am a former educator and presently a children’s book author of Princess Pink Self-Help Children Books for Girls ages 7-12 years old. Nevertheless, Jill McKee a retired teacher from Gadsen, Alabama and myself have started a book drive since April 27,2011 called “Books of Hope”. If your school was affected by the storm please call or email me and we will donate books to your school. In addition, if any parents that were affected by the storm we will like to donate a backpack of books for your child.

    Contact- Shawna McGriff -Email-princesspinkbooks@yahoo.com-Phone-205 427-1985

  32. I live in a small town call Panola located in the Black Belt of Sumter County, and my small town received very limited supplies on April 15, 2011. We were hit on April 15 and was not declared a diaster until April 27, 2011, On August 19, 2011 we are conducted a Back to School Youth Rally and we are in need of school supplies for our children. Each year we reach out to surrounding areas bring the citizens together for community fellowship, and I am truly asking for support. Panola Outreach is a nonprofit organization founded by me to help build my small town and other area. Please help! I may be reached at 205 499-6510.

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  35. Great work by many caring individuals in the tornado stricken areas of Alabama. Actually had some friends from Texas travel to Alabama just to assist. These are truly God’s people who care about others in a way most should. Stay safe.

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